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NX leadership and transformation
We Focus on Execution

You know Your Business. You are best placed to take decisions.

However, an External Advisor brings a new pair of eyes. He helps to rationalize decisions and ask uncomfortable questions.

He allows you to focus on running your Business while the Transformation gets the focus and attention it needs to make it a success.

We Focus on Results

In critical times one has to part from Industry recipes and welcome new views.

The Key Success Factor is in the Trust between the Business Leader and his Advisor and the structure and methodologies that he brings.

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Corporate Strategy

Business & Brand Development

Business Process Optimization

NX Leadership and Transformation is a proud Member of NX Partners

NX Partners is an Independent Advisory Firm assisting Companies, Organizations, Corporates, and Financial Institutions with all aspects of financial & debt management. Its Mission is to support Clients with Value Adding Services enabling them to develop and sustain their Competitive Advantage.

Result driven
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Our Core Value

We offer our Experience to Entrepreneurs during various phases of their Business Life Cycle. We are here to help You optimize the outcome of Your Vision, measured by Your Results.
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Our Mission

We aim at delivering Solutions that will allow the Transformation of your Strategic Vision into Flawless Execution.

A pool of Skills, Capabilities and Experience

We are a unique team of Seasoned Professionals with a background in different sectors. We are Entrepreneurs and Business Owners, we held Executive Positions in multinational corporations.
We have a proven track record in all cycles of corporate life: Start Ups - Growth - Scale Down - Restructuring - Sale.


We are neutral and emotionally detached from the past. We help You filter the Must from the Noise. We rationalize the Decision Making Process.


We capitalize on Your Strengths and help You fill the gaps where necessary. We bring Views and Experience to challenge You.


Transformation requires clear Vision, a Plan and Focus combined with Flawless Execution. We provide the Framework and the Tools to make it successful.


We share the same Passion for Entrepreneurship and have managed our own Businesses with the same Conviction. As we Partner with You Your Success will be our Reward.

Our Impact

Our Key Driver is Results. Your Results are our Reward.
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