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The 7 steps to achieve successful change
Author : Marc Troch
Everybody loves progress, nobody really likes change. Here are the 7 steps to successful change.
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Start with a Vision

Every transformation project starts with a dream, a Vision of how your company should be after the completion of the transformation. 
But building and keeping a sustainable business requires customer satisfaction and internal stakeholders’ motivation and engagement.

The road map should be ambitious and the milestones challenging, but clear and attainable.

If You don't know where You're going, all roads lead to nowhere.

H. Kissinger
Marc Troch

Building and developing profitable, recurrent and durable growth starts with a bright strategy followed by a smart execution.


Where do You stand today? And what do You need?

In order to build the roadmap you must understand your customers, your market dynamics, your team, your profit and loss sources. You must as well ensure that you have the necessary resource to to make your dream come true, whether staffing or funding.

Get the buy in from Your Organization

Trust and Motivation are the engine of Your Transformation Project:

  • Build Bonds of Trust by listening closely to all layers of Your Organization
  • Overcome Cultural resistance and maximize the cultural support for Your upcoming Change
Beware that if the Execution phase is the most difficult one, the Preparation phase is the most critical one!
Go slowly at the beginning in order to go faster thereafter!


Leadership starts with You, whether You are a young entrepreneur or a seasoned business leader. 

Lead by example!

Be Yourself the Change You want to see in the World.


Leadership starts at the top but goes down in the organization. If appropriate do not hesitate to lead outside the formal organization lines. Develop talent and skills but reinforce with formal mechanisms such as assessments, reward programs and zero-tolerance policies for complacency. Ensure that people’s daily efforts reflect the imperative of change. Give support and get feedback  on a very regular basis.


Follow up, Measure and Control

Spend time with your people at the frontline. 

Follow up on the genuine commitment of staff and on the actual implementation of actions decided. Progress should be measured and reported according to a defined cycle, be it in daily, weekly and monthly follow-ups. Early successes and their impact on your top line or bottom line should be communicated early. 

Operational excellence guarantees higher performance!



Take time and effort to find out what’s working, what’s not and why. For real.

You should always assess the impact on customer experience and mind background evolution if applicable. 

This will help you adjust the next steps accordingly. Beware that the shortest distance between 2 points is not necessary the straight line but do not leave open pit in your baseline. before you move  forward.



Once the changes have been implemented and are genuinely supported by your skilled and highly motivated employees at all levels of the company, the successful implementation of the change journey has become a fact.

Reward change ambassadors! Make people proud and celebrate another success of your organisation.  
You can now start preparing for your next Transformation project.

Power is gained by sharing knowledge:
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